How to Make a Balloon Arch or Garland

Balloons continue to be a major trend in party decor, and for good reason. Balloons are an easy and cost-effective way to decorate for a party – just add a balloon cluster or arch, and the decorating is essentially done!

But for those who see big balloon displays on Pintrest or party-planning websites and think, “I could never do that,” today’s blog post is for you. We have instructions and tips on how to make a custom balloon arch that will be the centerpiece of your next party. Make sure to visit our Amazon Store party rental catalog for the balloon supplies you need for easy arch or garland building!

Gather Supplies

To make a balloon arch or garland, you’ll need:

Several balloons of all sizes or garland balloon kit or arch balloon kit

Balloon pump or balloon infiltrator

Fishing wire, curling ribbon or balloon garland strips

Hooks to attach to the wall

Step stool or small ladder

Inflate in Groups

Rather than blowing up all of the balloons at once, inflating in smaller groups will keep the project manageable. Begin by inflating several smaller-sized balloons, in a variety of colors.

Inflate all the balloons making sure they are round in shape. Do not over inflate. If the balloon looks like a pear shaped; let out some of the air.

Tie and Twist

Tie the ends of two balloons together, then tie another pair. Cross them so that the knots are overlapping, then twist 3-5 times in different directions until they are securely bound together. Then add additional pairs to the cluster, until you have eight balloons secured.

Begin Construction

Leaving about two feet of wire dangling at the end, wind fishing wire around the center of the cluster, then tie a knot to secure.

Repeat and Construct

Repeat the first two steps, alternating the size and number of balloons in each cluster. When adding to the balloon arch, place each cluster as close as possible to the one before it, keeping gaps minimal. Continue adding to the balloon arch or garland until it is the size and shape you want!


Cut and loop a long piece of fishing wire on the back side of the arch – this is what you’ll use to secure it to the wall. Enlist a helper to hold the arch against the wall, while you place hooks. Once the arch is hung, add hooks where needed to keep the arch from drooping.

Ready to attempt a balloon arch or garland for your next party or event?

Getting Ready to Create Something Amazing


Are you lost? Need some help with making the balloon arch/garland?

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